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Concealed Permits

Wyoming issues concealed firearm permits pursuant to W.S. § 6-8-104. The State of Wyoming recognizes concealed firearms permits from other states, so long as the permits are issued by a governmental agency or entity in that state, the state has permit laws similar to Wyoming’s, including a proper background check as determined by the Attorney General's Office, the permits are valid statewide in that state, and that state recognizes Wyoming permits. Reciprocity currently includes:

Alaska Michigan Pennsylvania
Alabama Minnesota South Carolina
Arizona Mississippi South Dakota
Arkansas Missouri Tennessee
Colorado Montana Texas
Florida Nebraska


Georgia Nevada Virginia
Idaho New Hampshire West Virginia
Indiana New Mexico  
Iowa North Carolina  
Kentucky North Dokata  
Louisiana Ohio


Maine Oklahoma  

Concealed Firearms Permits-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the qualifications for obtaining a concealed firearm permit? Any Wyoming resident who has satisfied the requirements of W.S. § 6-8-104 (b) (c) and (g), may obtain a permit.
  2. How do I apply for a permit? Application forms can be obtained at or by contacting the Goshen County Sheriff's Department at 2120 East B Street.  Upon completion, the application MUST be submitted to the sheriff's office and fees paid.
  3. How much does a permit cost? $74.00. This includes the state application fee and fingerprint fees charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Renewal fees are $50.00.
  4. How long is the permit valid? 5 years from the date of issue.
  5. Where is my permit not valid for purposes of carrying a concealed firearm? No permit issued pursuant to Wyoming law or any permit issued from any other state shall authorize any person to carry a concealed firearm into:
    • Any facility used primarily for law enforcement operations or administration without the written consent of the chief administrator;
    • Any detention facility, prison or jail;
    • Any courtroom, except that nothing in this section shall preclude a judge from carrying a concealed weapon or determining who will carry a concealed weapon in the courtroom;
    • Any meeting of a governmental entity;
    • Any meeting of the legislature or a committee thereof;
    • Any school, college or professional athletic event not related to firearms;
    • Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to that purpose;
    • Any place where persons are assembled for public worship, without the written consent of the chief administrator of that place;
    • Any elementary or secondary school facility;
    • Any college or university facility without the written consent of the security service of the college or university; or
    • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law or regulation or state law or regulation.
  6. How long does it take to obtain a permit? Approximately 90 days.
  7. Can my permit be revoked? Yes. A permit shall be revoked if the permittee becomes ineligible to be issued a permit under W.S. § 6-8-104, or for any conviction of any offense involving a controlled substance, alcohol abuse while carrying a concealed weapon or any crime of violence or a plea of no contest to any of these crimes.
  8. What states recognize Wyoming concealed firearms permits? Currently, Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah, all recognize Wyoming permits. This information is subject to change and a person should always verify his permit status before traveling to one of these states. Most of these states have web pages dedicated to this subject.
  9. If I am from out of state, is my concealed firearms permit recognized in Wyoming? Wyoming recognizes concealed firearm permits from the following states. Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.
  10. Can a non-resident obtain a concealed firearm permit in Wyoming? No.
  11. If I move to another state, is my Wyoming permit still valid in Wyoming? Yes, so long as the Division of Criminal Investigation has received written notification of your address change within 30 days of your move.  Contact our agency for a Concealed Firearm Permit Change of Address Form.  Your permit will not be renewed since a permit can only be issued to a Wyoming resident.
  12. Is my permit valid in national parks in Wyoming? No. Issues pertaining to firearms on federal property is subject to federal law and regulations. A person should always contact the appropriate federal authority when his travel plans involve federal properties. This includes Fort Laramie National Historic Site.
  13. Does my permit allow me to carry any concealed weapon other than a firearm? No. The permit only encompasses the carrying of a concealed handgun.
  14. Does my Wyoming permit allow me to purchase a firearm from a federal firearms licensee, without having to obtain a federal background check? Yes. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has determined that Wyoming permits satisfy the requirements of federal law, in lieu of the purchaser having to undergo the instant check process for a firearms purchase.